Whether for your home or business, custom wallpaper can make an incredible difference in your atmosphere. From your best high-resolution images to a custom design we’ve made for you, the opportunities are endless when it comes to giving your walls life anew. Can’t put your finger on what else to do to bring your space together? Custom wallpaper is an impactful way to decorate while optimizing your space.


If you are struggling to put your finger on what more you can do to reflect your personality into your home, custom wallpaper can be the final step to bringing everything together perfectly. Wallpaper is a versatile type of decor that can be designed to match any room or style without adding any clutter. While wallpaper can be used to bring a traditional style into your home, it can also be used to create or enhance a sleek and modern environment.

Whatever style you’re aiming for, we can create wallpaper to match it. Impress your guests with fabulous walls designed just for you.


The atmosphere of your business is important to not only your customers but your employees as well. Having a welcoming environment in which people enjoy spending time is a great way to ensure repeat business as well as employees who reflect the positivity of their surroundings. If you are in the photography business, this is the perfect way to showcase your most impressive shot!


Wallpaper you can remove and reuse.

Removable wallpaper is so much more than wallpaper you don’t have to worry about hiring anyone to install it or it damaging your walls when you want to take it down. This is a wallpaper that you can not only remove but reuse over and over. This is perfect for entire walls or smaller graphics. How many times can you re-stick this wonder wallpaper? We’ve yet to find out, but we haven’t had any of ours give out yet!


A single accent wall can have a big impact. Add depth and richness to any room with an accent wall that tells the story you want to share. Direct attention wherever you’d like in a room with a pop of colors or images. First impressions are important, so make sure you leave a remarkable one!

We will work directly with you to optimize your results. Rest assured that your vision will be carefully crafted by our dedicated team. Collaborate with our designers to set the perfect scene for your space. If there’s something you have in mind to establish the perfect look, we’ll do everything we can to bring that vision to life.

And if you aren’t sure but know there’s something missing to your motif, we’re more than happy to sit down with you and create the look you’re after.


Come on down with some pictures of your space and we’ll be happy to give you some ideas for customization, we’re not afraid of a challenge. Whatever you have in mind, no matter how detailed or vague your idea is, we’ll do our best to actualize it. Contact us if you have any questions left unanswered, or visit our FAQ page for more information. When it comes to quality and attention to detail, 803 Labs has your back. We provide a high quality wallpaper with durable properties and a matte finish that is resistant to glare. Textured and smooth surfaces are available for your choosing, depending on what style and image you’re going for.

Textured wallpaper is perfect for adding depth and covering minor wall blemishes, while smooth is ideal for a sleek modern look or high-resolution photographic murals. This product has high safety ratings as well, with a Class A fire rating and meets NFPA ratings for smoke development.